Fabrics for Public Transportation

Our mission is to help companies and interior designers in their work of creating new and inspiring designs of fabrics aimed for public transportation. By working through a pre-defined plan we secure all necessary issues such as materiality, flame retardance and other technical requirements. The result become a fabric that meet the requirements of the future and attract tomorrows passenger.

The future doesn´t spell standard – it spells customized!


Design for the future Stockholm


In 2015 Stockholm Council decided to invest in new trams for the red line. The winner become Bombardier and the work of defining the interior design was started. The customer wanted to change the expression of the fabric in the trams, from an old design with small symbols to something more characteristic for the modern Stockholm. The result become the fabric ”Plattan”, a fabric with a pattern retrieved from the most famous square in Stockholm, Sergels Square.

Bogesunds developed a construction that met all technical requirements and at the same time fulfilled the wish of creating a fabric showing something all passengers can derive to. Weaved in wool, the fabric also apply a sense of natural feeling in combination with strong durability, a must in environments like these.

If you want to know more about this project, don´t hesitate to contact us.


The famous arrow


In 2019 we was asked to develop a new fabric for Region Skåne. The fabric has a very distinct design that are recognized in many parts of Sweden, arrows!

The mission was to develop a fabric in Trevira CS, a flat fabric that met all the technical requirements but also was certified for the EU Ecolabel. The result become Skandia Tenacity Skånetrafiken, a fabric with high durability combined with the certification of EU Ecolabel. This fabric are now used in all sorts of vehicles for public transportation.


A fabric that unite two countries


Öresundståg is a company owned by the Swedish and the Danish government. In 2015 the company initiate a refurbishment of the trains trafficking south of Sweden and parts of Denmark. The refurbishment also include the develop of a new fabric with a design that connect to Öresundståg and it´s mission: to take people between Sweden and Denmark.

The result become a fabric made in wool, designed with symbol that can refer to the company logo, but also metaphorically as train tracks that passes different stops. We developed two fabrics, one for the first class and one for the second class. The only differences between these two fabrics are that the colors are inverted.

To find out more about this project, please contact us and we will help you.

SJ X2000

Classic with a modern touch


Bogesunds was in 2017 contracted by SJ AB to develop and produce the new fabric for the refurbishment of the X2000-train in Sweden.

The fabric is made in Trevira CS and have a classic style but in a modern look. It was made in two different colours, one for the 1.st class and another for the 2:nd class.

We are very proud to be a partner in this project and supplier to the Swedish SJ AB.


Interior for the future


Mälab is a company providing public tranportation in the area around Stockholm. In 2016 Mälab bought DOSTO trains from Stadler, trains that should attract the passengers of tomorrow.

Bogesunds joined the project as a textile consultant, providing knowledge in the textile area and with the goal to develope a fabric that visualize an elegant and nordic look, but also meet the technical requirements.

The result become an elegant wool fabric in a deep blue colour, a colour fitting perfect in the sofisticated interior design.


The Good Design Awards 2019


Västtrafik is owned by the region Västra Götaland. In 2018 they bought 45 new trains from Bombardier, trains that increase it´s public transportation capacity many times.

Together with the customer, Bogesunds developed a fabric inspired by the new graphic design in Västtrafik, a design you find in all communication driven by Västtrafik. The design is also added on the outdoor design of the trains. The ”blocks” become a clear recognition added to the brand.

We are very proud to become a partner to Västtrafik and happy to be a part of this exciting project.